Uncharted 2 on the MLG circuit?

18 Mar

Now, before you jump down my neck for making a stupid article title. This is a thread posted by MLG community member “Sportsboy85” where he ask the question if a game like Uncharted 2 can work on the Pro Circuit. If anyone knows me I love PS3 and I would love to see the PS3 get the competitive gaming treatment it deserves. Sadly, while Uncharted 2 may be a superior shooter to say Modern Warfare 2, has won numerous awards, and is still popular online despite facing MAG and the Call of Duty juggernaut MLG won’t take a risk when the Gamebattles community is nothing but a whisper in the wind.

MLG really looks to GB to see what games are hot (as far as shooters go) and if a game can’t even keep 2 consistent season you can kiss those hopes and dreams goodbye. The only reason why Modern Warfare 2 for PS3 is on the Online Circuit is because of its popularity. While this isn’t MLG’s fault, have we really come to a time where popularity wins over skilled and fair game play.

Thank Modern Warfare 2


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