Cool things in April!

1 Apr

What’s going on?

The first quarter of 2010 has been quite eventful for myself. Aside from joining Cool Runnings and placing 7th at WCG, I also placed 2nd at PAX east FFA for MW2. Of course I always expect mroe of myself and I will continue to push forward. This month will see me auditioning for WCG Ultimate Gamer 2!

I’m really confident for this event coming up and honestly I can’t wait for it! Not only will I get the chance to meet up with the awesome PAX crew it will also give me the opportunity to show my skills in front a hundreds of gamers at the Samsung experience! I’m nervous but in a good way.

The vlogging camera!

I should be expecting a new and nifty camera soon and once I do so be ready for a vlog-splosion of Goldenboy goodness. I am hoping to put out at least one Vlog a week talking about gaming culture and all the other good stuff.

Like I said it’s been eventful for me and May 1st will be the day I resubmit my Pepsi Project app (had a technical issue with the last submission) and I will be attending the NJ Halo co-hosted by 360icons! Looking forward to that too.


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