Blur: Impressions

25 May


Earlier yesterday I posted a small article about Blur and how I was anticipating the game and yada yada yada. Let me tell you something:

Blur is something special.

When I first popped in Blur I was treated to an awesome intro, it as simple yet effective. Bizarre Creations really wanted to get the point of the game across with this intro. A shunt flies and a car is lifted into the air, in slow motion you see the visual effects and that is where blur shines over ANY arcade racing game I have ever played (even Midnight Club 2). From the menus to the racing Blur has a style that is it’s own similar to how Street Fighter 4 had it’s own style.

The comparisons with a game like Street Fighter 4 don’t just end there. A few years ago no one cared about fighting games and now everyone has hadouken fever, arcade racers are the same with games like Need For Speed shifting to the “realistic” route and Midnight Club falling off of the track. Blur will (hopefully) do, for arcade racers, what Street Fighter 4 did for 2D fighters.

Of course you can’t have impressions without talks of gameplay. If you played the MP demo almost everything is the same but with a fresh coat of paint and some flashy decals. Power-ups sound even more ferocious but they still retain the same power as in the beta. The tracks have fantastic variety and while some are better suited for “certain” kind of cars, most tracks can be tackled with a variety of cars to choose from and you will have plenty of options. While I have just scratched the surface of the game, you can scroll to the end and see at least 12 cars per class but trust me when I say that a level 1 racer can beat a level 48 racer (I did it and I have no idea how he got to 48 so fast). So don’t be afraid to use the “lesser” cars

You have options with the cars but you also have options on how you want to play your game. Not only can you play LAN or split screen you can also edit how you want the game to be! Don’t like Shock? TURN IT OFF! DOn’t like Shunt? TURN IT OFF! Want to make Power-Up damage more? CHANGE IT! You have the ability to change and edit the game to how you see fit, the only thing you CAN’T do is edit where you want the power-ups to appear on the track (I’m sure that could come via a patch or a sequel) but that’s not a bad thing because Bizarre Creations did a great job of where they placed the power-ups so I wouldn’t worry too much about that.


Blur innovates the arcade racer but it also allows you to share what you’re doing while you’re menu surfing by connecting to Twitter and Facebook. It really is amazing to say the least. Overall Blur is a must buy for competitive gamers and casual gamers alike and I strongly recommend you take your hard earned (or parents hard earned) cash and buy a copy of Blur today!


One Response to “Blur: Impressions”

  1. Weez May 25, 2010 at 5:57 pm #

    Good read man. I am currently contemplating ways to raise the cash to get this game, because I thought the beta was pretty fun and I really want to play the full game. Hopefully I can get in on the action soon!

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