Writers block

27 May

So big surprise here, I have writers block! Nothing sucks more than having this. When I wrote my Videogame Reviewers are bad at playing games” article I had a clear and concise argument to make. In fact I felt that it was so good that I still stand by what I said with full confidence and no one has yet to prove me wrong. Of course I am not the be all end all judge on game reviews but after a few years I think I have a pretty good grasp of what appropriate and what just flat-out sucks in the video games industry.

Since I am a competitive gamer I tend to have different views on how games should be made. I look at things in a technical way rather than the common “OMG, these graphics are amazing”. If the gameplay stinks, or the UI is off, I will have a huge issue with it. I also understand that not all games are perfect but the idea is to make the best quality product for the consumer, is it not? Regardless I will bring my experience into this blog (and any other project I may have lined up in the future) because I feel these things need to be said. Sure you’re not going to agree with me but I gain nothing by lying to my readers. I do not get paid for this and this is simply a passion for me.

With a small blog you will get either one of two things, a fanboy hellbent on making sure he puts “Xbox sucks” after every sentence or an honest opinion from a real gamer. With that said enjoy G3 because I love this blog simple as that.


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