Comments on the “Live Activity” for the week

23 Mar

Major Nelson has posted the weekly activity for Live and the results are in the “meh” field. Continue reading


Go Get ’em Gamer Presents: MLG MW2 Community Event

23 Mar

So I decided to try to bring the MW2 community together for some fun and competitive customs. By MW2 community I mean the MLG MW2 community, and I will even try to get some special guest in there as well. Stay tuned for more info but in the mean time take a look at this thread I posted here

South Parks’ Tiger Woods episode could be the cause of a lawsuit?

22 Mar

It seems like the recent (and really funny) episode of South Park might be the cause of a lawsuit for it’s “copyright infringements throughout it and a lawsuit could be pending” stated by Peter Moore.

While I think the episode was hilarious I can see how EA would have to take legal action. I can’t wait to see how this story unfolds.

(via Destructoid)

Could Modern Warfare 2 be in its last days?

20 Mar

The glitches in Modern Warfare 2 are far from being a mystery. In fact I would go as far to say this it’s the most unfinished game ever produced (it even beats out Gears of War 2)! Continue reading

Go Get ’em Gamer: Throwback 1

19 Mar

I still love this picture!

I am no stranger to blogging and while I may have never had the massive success of other sites, I have written some good pieces that I would love to revisit. This is one of them.  

I used to have a site called “An Admin’s Perspective” (Why did I name it that?) and there I wrote an Article with the title “The struggle of the small time blog”. I have re-posted that article for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!  Continue reading

PS Blog: Home Meet-up Review 03/18/10

19 Mar

I got home and logged on to PlayStation Home to ger access to a meet-up being hosted by the PlayStation Blog. When I first got there I was treated by a video showcasing some of the new content coming to the PlayStation Move this Winter and while the games were impressive the atmosphere was not. Continue reading

Random Pic of the Day 3/18/10

18 Mar

My first ever RANDOM PICK OF THE DAY! I may not be able to do this everyday, but please… Enjoy!

UPDATE: I guess my awesome pick was removed. Nevertheless a new Random Pic will be chosen today!

Halo Reach Matchmanking features revealed!

18 Mar


Interested in Halo: Reach? Well Shacknews has all the juicy intel for you! Head on over to their just released article on the new and greatly improved Halo: Reach Matchmaking system!

The team at Bungie made the matchmaking system quite popular with Halo 2 and Halo 3 only added on those amazing features. Now, Reach will be breaking new ground and making a system similar to StarCraft 2’s ladder system. With the Arena, hardcore players will be put into seasonal ranking and skill (as well as teamwork) will play a big role in how your ranked and paired up with other opposing players.

Tekken and SSBB make the MLG front page!

18 Mar

I was surprised to see a game other than Halo appear on the front page of with a flashy Pro-Circuit back drop. Can’t wait for this season!

Playstation to plus size!

18 Mar

The guys over at Playstation Lifestyle (and arguably one of the BEST PlayStation news sites on the web) have just broke a story regarding the premium service hinted at a recent consumer survey. Should we be expecting big news regarding PlayStation Plus at E3? Only time will tell!