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4 Jun

Yeah I’ve been slacking! Between the new Old Spice Ladder that was put up on Gamebattles and the continuing annoyance of everyday work it’s difficult to manage the blog. Continue reading


Community, community, community

28 May

As a competitive gamer you always go where the competition is at. Halo is so popular because it has a robust community that will outlast generation, the same can be said for games like Counter Strike and Call of Duty. So when I say community is the driving force behind why a game is successful at a competitive level I mean it. When MLG first put Rainbow Six: Vegas and Gears of War on the Pro Circuit I will never forget the backlash that the Gears community had when Rainbow Six was announced first over Gears of War. Continue reading

Comments on the “Live Activity” for the week

23 Mar

Major Nelson has posted the weekly activity for Live and the results are in the “meh” field. Continue reading

Go Get ’em Gamer Presents: MLG MW2 Community Event

23 Mar

So I decided to try to bring the MW2 community together for some fun and competitive customs. By MW2 community I mean the MLG MW2 community, and I will even try to get some special guest in there as well. Stay tuned for more info but in the mean time take a look at this thread I posted here

Could Modern Warfare 2 be in its last days?

20 Mar

The glitches in Modern Warfare 2 are far from being a mystery. In fact I would go as far to say this it’s the most unfinished game ever produced (it even beats out Gears of War 2)! Continue reading