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Community, community, community

28 May

As a competitive gamer you always go where the competition is at. Halo is so popular because it has a robust community that will outlast generation, the same can be said for games like Counter Strike and Call of Duty. So when I say community is the driving force behind why a game is successful at a competitive level I mean it. When MLG first put Rainbow Six: Vegas and Gears of War on the Pro Circuit I will never forget the backlash that the Gears community had when Rainbow Six was announced first over Gears of War. Continue reading


Blur ladder is up on Gamebattles.com

26 May

Sorry for all the Blur news but for those of you looking to put your driving skills to the test join the Gamebattles.com ladder for Blur! Continue reading

Editorial: Videogame reviewers are bad at actually playing games

25 May


Videogame reviewers are bad at actually playing games. Case in point is Shadowrun. On Metacritic it has a 66 overall rating and of course some of the big boys in game reviews are at the bottom penalizing the game for being a $60 MP only game. Did they go over the weapon/magic/tech balance that FASA poured their heart and soul into? No, they simply said:

Continue reading

Blur: Impressions

25 May


Earlier yesterday I posted a small article about Blur and how I was anticipating the game and yada yada yada. Let me tell you something:

Blur is something special. Continue reading


24 May

I’m really excited because today is the day I pick up a copy of Blur! The new powered-up racing game from Bizarre Creations (the makers of Project Gotham Racing) looks to be an exciting and even competitive (gasp!) racer filled with unique and interesting ways to take out your opponents and even assist your teammates in the process!

Honestly when I managed to get a hold of the multiplayer beta I was sold after the first race. I’m not the racing game nutcase most people are. I prefer to take out my foes by pummeling them and scoring headshots, but Blur is different. This game changed my perspective on what an intense racing game could be. While it certainly didn’t revolutionize the genre (Mario Kart is still king) Blur adds a new tone with real cars in unreal situations. Be on the lookout for a little video from me later on when I pick up my copy and some impressions later on (possibly tomorrow). Of course follow me on my twitter at http://twitter.com/goldenboyftw.

Can’t wait to see you on the tracks soon!

Review: XBLA Game Room

25 Mar

Let me start by saying that anyone who knows me, know I happen to be quite fond of PlayStation Home. In fact I make it a high point in my day to get on and play some pool with random people. It’s like ChatRoulette but more fun and less penis dudes. Continue reading

Comments on the “Live Activity” for the week

23 Mar

Major Nelson has posted the weekly activity for Live and the results are in the “meh” field. Continue reading

Go Get ’em Gamer Presents: MLG MW2 Community Event

23 Mar

So I decided to try to bring the MW2 community together for some fun and competitive customs. By MW2 community I mean the MLG MW2 community, and I will even try to get some special guest in there as well. Stay tuned for more info but in the mean time take a look at this thread I posted here

Could Modern Warfare 2 be in its last days?

20 Mar

The glitches in Modern Warfare 2 are far from being a mystery. In fact I would go as far to say this it’s the most unfinished game ever produced (it even beats out Gears of War 2)! Continue reading

Halo Reach Matchmanking features revealed!

18 Mar


Interested in Halo: Reach? Well Shacknews has all the juicy intel for you! Head on over to their just released article on the new and greatly improved Halo: Reach Matchmaking system!

The team at Bungie made the matchmaking system quite popular with Halo 2 and Halo 3 only added on those amazing features. Now, Reach will be breaking new ground and making a system similar to StarCraft 2’s ladder system. With the Arena, hardcore players will be put into seasonal ranking and skill (as well as teamwork) will play a big role in how your ranked and paired up with other opposing players.